The Pettitfiles

The Pettit files~New ways to track us on the divide


For those of you carrying smart phones during TD, or with family and friends who like to follow the action from smart phones, a free Tour Divide mobile race tracker app is ready for upload here:

Read all about it.

The app is currently configured for last year’s info, but as soon as Trackleaders gets this year’s start list finalized / plugged in, the app will be updated to reflect 2011 riders.

This web app for smart phones is really freaking cool. As if we aren’t already blue dot junkies enough, is here to deliver more fix. There’s numerous layers to this app so read up. Its tracker base maps even work offline, so when cell coverage is spotty, grab your update in a town and view the full tracking map features later that night from the comfort of your burrito-n-bivy under Doug Fir-n-starry skies.

Thanks to class woodsman and future TD racer Dave Harris for sinking countless hours into this important project…and he calls it a hobby! If you ask us, there’s a donate button conspicuously missing from the website.



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