The Pettitfiles

The pettit~Files, A thousand times, its a ditty really.

A thousand times I spoke your name, a thousand times I heard the same, nothing echoing back from the dark. I crawled neath the covers and bared my soul, I walked upon this earth alone, your name always like a vapor on my lips. Parts of you kept me here, the wanting and craving at times I felt you near, but as I turned to look you’d gone away. I had seen you once in books I’ve read and stories I’d written, but the pen couldn’t do justice for what was hidden.

A fleeting heart marked with desire, affections unknown never to expire, I kept looking under any stone. I had found the haunts that draw me in, the dark and shady recesses where men had been, but never return. I drank you up in my hometown, I kissed unseen lips at the dawn of a new year, when I felt alone I whispered your name a thousand times, the warmth of a thousand sunrises came to my surprise, then, I knew I was getting close. I had seen your face against the pale ocean, then and there I got the notion, come hell or high water I would set out to find you. Waves of water looked like a body under blankets, your hips rounded neath thread count shared with me, it was a vision of madness, or better yet a crush.

Over time I grew bitter not being able to find you, I became haunted by something better than me, the smell, taste and touch now followed me everywhere. I tried to loose you in bottles I drank and times I shared, in the less desirable you where never nearer. A path of light that caused flight, I again set foot to find. In painted landscapes, I came to find the death of some near the end of their time, through grief and miles I closed the gap. In fits of sleep you awakened me, caused me to dream who I was meant to be, in rage and fear I fell in love. I was boldend to look where never before, in a country I had yet to explore, then in a wash of easiness you came to me.

I had fallen in love by the time you sat down, when I heard your voice I ordered another round, this was going to hurt. I knew then my life would change, I no longer had to whisper a name a thousand times and wonder why I couldn’t find the person I had seen for decades. It felt like a cruel mystery all those years, through the pain and tears I had to bend to be a better person. I tried to break myself a thousand times and in the agony of their ryms I picked myself up and spoke to you, though far too early.

You have been everywhere, and when I thought I was alone, I saw your face a thousand times and spoke aloud of ways I would make you mine, but now I just like to kiss you.


Post Script; just cause I’m writing some sonnets doesn’t mean I’m getting slow!


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    January 25, 2012 at 7:56 am

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