The Pettitfiles

Spells, heart, and the future.

     The places we dwell and casting of spells, hooks and barbs catch and release us.

The kisses we steal and the touches reveal, burnt flesh left empty without.

                Molecules of lust become what we must, linger in vague and wanting.

Head over heels, description fails, reconnect with the yearning.

                Love as I though, my heart will grow, and shatter what was once before.

My hands they lay empty but without shake, I move in the direction I’ve created.

                Friends became family, a house became home, and a man finally became grounded.

The roots that he laid, found a way, but she had left before knowing.

                In fits of life, becoming what might, some aren’t strong enough to see.

Struggles they hold, but steadfast we’re bold, the sun always arises.

                Moonlight shows shape, a single form in sheets, tangled in a mess of wanting.

Love is still, a beat remains but it thumps along in a different chord.

                Over high water through windy night, never lose sight of all we are wanting.

In a digital time these photos will never age, but the memory fades without them.

                The man that I am was too strong for the fragility of your egos.

Never cast aside love, to burn down a truss, of a home that you need.

                We are who we become, what’s done is done, but I still love without limit.

Put aside pain for a life of gains, this is what’s upon us.

                Under stars banner we seek a truth, but some can’t speak a word.

Gifts are those, were legends go, love is all that we need, in a time of falseness true character is revealed, and men of steel resolve will always come across them. 


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