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Paths, attitude and craziness.

Nights that I’d like righted, days I’d like longer, some memories shorter, but I know we must remember.

To walk with a breeze and soft sunlight, showing, guiding and pulling, hearing the joyful noise of all of it through the trees. To earn with a living, these steps I’m believing, will always lead the way.

In hands we’re united, fingers twined but not in fighting, love should always win again.

Unfurrow your brows and allow the sweetness of each day to wash over you in waves of gratitude and patience. Allow ourselves a bow and remember how, love is the brightest part of each day.

In sickness and in health, through poverty and wealth, our attitudes shall always offer the most riches. It’s always darkest before light, so I offer you find comfort there to learn your way. The fear will subside, your heart and mind will slow, your eyes adjust allowing an image you never saw before.

In fear we can flight, or stand to fight, what we believe in and know we are going our way. Treat others better than yourself, find a balance in mind and health, and know, tomorrow is always another day.

Lay your head where it may, close your eyes and sway, keep your chin up all you crazy fucks, and remember to go your way.