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The Pettit Files~Hydraulics, youth and water.

I’ve been stuck on words lately, partly, because of the mercury needle approaching the top floor of numbers, add in a pinch of mad I know I house and because I know I’ll spend some time back home this summer.  Bound by streets I can retrace with a whim of memory, cloaked in green, hugging all their secrets closely and the beauty of everything on the inside.  7522 187, might as well be a tumbler code unlocking me to a world that will forever amaze and behold, teach and appreciate, I became a graduate student over time from learnings long ago, alone in the hills, rivers and trees.

Maybe too, because I’ve been reading Maclean at bedtime in what has now become one of my favorite pastimes.  Although I’ve never liked my voice, especially stumbling over words I can feel but cannot speak with the cadence it needs.  I read aloud with the dog vertical between us and the girl asks me what a certain section is about and then tells me to carry on, in a broken rhythm, wishing I had been better at English and Lit in school, as now it is all I think about other than bikes, a girl and adventures.  Without fail, within minutes, she’s snoring and the dog has also long found my voice not worth keeping her up.  Then I delve back into a slow, quite space full of music, as I mouth the words and create all I want to see and the author too, methodical twisting of words full of images, stories, painted beautifully by a master in art.

Often he speaks of a knowing when he realized his life became a story, and that at some point he must write his passage of time.  I was young, and at times it was tragic, I held a confusion that I harbored and didn’t realize for a long time.  Characters took shape, plots thickened, expanded, things became remarkably bright and full of color, there was evil and beauty, and always a boy and a river.  We reflect a certain degree of our youths, rarely though, do we mirror it, swim in it, bleed with it and have its currents replace our blood and transcend decades and centuries to fully revel in our paths.

Water has long soothed me, the sound, feel, current and coverage.  Power and grace, aged and telling.  Chilled and created in the mountains with giant stones and watersheds, it spends it youth forcefully, rushing past its surroundings, falling hundreds of feet rolling softly over buried treasures, gracing banks and shade.  Swaying widely and softly towards the sea, giving life by the mile, the young current becomes aged and knowing, carrying tales, boats, dreams, and lines but mostly, always, stories.

We reflect much of a river, young, ambitious, eager to leave a mark, then to roll back and fondly remember all we did, the stories we created, retold to countless others and slowly sway out to the ocean, whichever one you believe in, always though, we wished we could spend more time in the peaceful beauty of where and how we started.

Hydraulic, as stated in a dictionary is

“Denoting, relating to, or operated by a liquid moving in a confined space under pressure. “Hydraulic Fluid.”

I ask then, aren’t we all bound by hydraulics?  Liquid moving in a confined space under pressure is our blood circulating in our bodies, the pressure created by lifestyles and efforts.  I was young when I first remember hydraulics, it was the first encapsulating thing I felt take over my entire body, a cocoon of safety, powerful and always willing to tell me a story and of course, take mine with it.  There was a fear of its strength, of what lurks beneath the pools, what came to feed off its offerings, but there was always beauty, both loud and quite.  I’ve never felt more understood than knee deep in a powerful river, feeling the lower chill, the upper warmth, my feet making awkward and balancing movement over ancient stones, sheer faces and shadows of mountains in all directions, granite, pines, greens, blues, moss and sand.

There are a few lines in the Matthew Arnolds “the buried life”

“And then he thinks he knows the hills where his life rose, and the sea where it goes.”   This is where I’m from, hopefully someday, these educations will lead to a fuller, brighter and better told story.